Van Life - Adventures In Pamela Vanderson

I moved into my van again in the middle of Adelaide’s winter and got as far north as I could. Adelaide gets bitterly cold over winter, its super south of Australia and the people that live there DO NOT know how to heat their houses. I spent some time in Wyndham NSW (mountain, snow type place) on this particular tour and they had open fires EVERYWHERE. Adelaide, take note…

Van Life

I’ve been travelling solo for the past 4 weeks (i’m a musician and travel for work) and getting rid of all of my things and living with less has created so much time in my day - I can’t even begin to explain the benefits. Mostly i’ve been spending all that extra time cooking more , hunting out better food to chuck into my body and spending time on self care like journalling and meditating and attempting to recover from a busy first half of the year.

Van Life

Some nights I’ve been staying with mates along the way, having my own space to live in on their properties has been SO GOOD to help cope with my introverted nature and total need for a morning routine spent alone until after the second cup of tea.

Speaking of tea - i’ve dumped my long time love of Tetley All Rounders for organic loose leaf tea, and oh my goodness is it tasty ! I’ve been a tetley snob my entire life (thanks mum!) but using my great aunties old timey tea strainer thingy and adding to the ritual has brought a ridiculous amount of joy into my morning. If you see me on the road PLEASE come and have a cup of tea with me, I would so love to share my new found love with you !!

Van Life

Some nights i’ve spent the night at the music venue. The above pic was taken behind The Old Church On The Hill in Bendigo, they have this beautiful community space behind the church with a great shower, flat ground AND a power point. What more could a girl ask for ? I’ve made do in some pretty interesting places - the anytime fitness gym carpark has been a long term favourite safe place to free camp and i’ve made an art of balancing a wheel on the right part of a curb to get my van relatively flat but when you can rock up to the show and not need to worry about a thing it’s a pretty special place !

Van Life

And I know those online #vanlife heroes are all about free camping and not spending a cent but i’m totally not there yet. I’ve spent some time in paid caravan parks along the way as well and can totally recommend the below :

Kiama NSW : Kendall’s On The Beach. $35/n , on the beachfront - bloody beautiful !

Melbourne VIC : Coburg Big 4. $52/n (expensive!) but also the only place to park in Melbourne, the other option is directly under the flight path and super noisy.

Brunswick Heads NSW : Reflections - the one in town. While it’s normally super expensive ($55/n), they do cheap Tuesday ($10) if you stay three nights which quickly brings your stay to $40/n which I think is totally worth it being so close to the cafe’s (and knowing me i’d be paying $90 for a parking fine for staying too long in the 1 hour parking which lines the village).

I think my confidence level for free camping for now will have to stick to the carpark at Anytime Fitness.

Van Life

And while i’m missing touring with Aussie Road Crew, which up until May had been my only adventures in Pamela Vanderson for the past few years - I am certainly enjoying a little bit of time off in between solo shows before jumping back into touring with Beccy Cole & Libby O’Donovan this coming August. We’re headed to QLD & Central NSW, you can grab your tickets here. We’ve also got a couple more camping tours lined up for the tail end of 2019 which I am SUPER excited about.

Van Life

Are you into camping ? I’d love to hear about your must see places / caravan parks / free camps !

Kel x